ARTfarm Saturday Slaw-Breakers

Summertime is time to make slaw. Here is our list for Saturday’s stand, recipe follows! 

10 AM to 12 noon: Bunched sweet potato greens, red and yellow seasoning peppers, garlic chives, recao, basil, rosemary, loads of sweet potatoes in all sizes, sweet red pumpkin. Julie mangoes, Haitian Kidney mangoes, Viequen Butterball mangoes, plus lots of dragonfruit and sweet papaya, a few pineapples and passionfruit. Bethany’s amazing goat cheese, super fresh!

A sweet and sour raw Asian slaw salad of refreshing green fruits cools and delights the palate and is a great complementary foil for barbecued or grilled meats or other salty foods. 

Here’s Christina’s all-ARTfarm recipe:

Law-Breakin’ Slaw

2 green mangoes, peeled

3-4 large green papayas, peeled and seeds removed

1 lb. raw sweet pumpkin (yes, Yvette Browne!)

2–3 small red onions

Quarter cup or so of fresh raw peanuts, chopped and dry roasted with salt (yes, we have been experimenting with peanuts!)


Three small limes, juiced into a bowl

2 Tablespoons honey. Dissolve in lime juice

Few drops of potent pepper sauce or half a fresh chili pepper, diced


Grate the mango, papaya and pumpkin on a box grater (great upper arm workout) or using a food processor. Slice the red onions thin. Toss all together in a large bowl.

Mix together the dressing. Pour over and toss. Refrigerate. 

Roast the peanuts and sprinkle over top or reserve on side for garnish. 

Can also add blanched green beans, cucumber slices, a few cherry tomatoes. Or, in season right now, a bit of cubed mango or other sweet ripe fruits. 

Look for Luca at Mango Melee on Sunday! In the new farmer section!

ARTfarm Saturday: Morning Mangoes!

Open as always on Saturdays, 10 AM – 12 noon. Travel south to our balmy microclimate and pick up your healthy fruit+vegg for the week!

We did the mango dance and now they are here!! 20140614-083459-30899429.jpg

Sweet salad mix, baby spicy salad mix, baby arugula, microgreens, crunchy cucumbers, purple long beans, carrots, beets, radishes, onions, kale, collards, sweet potato greens, dill, cilantro, chives, mint, thyme, recao, Italian basil, fresh-cut Zinnia flowers. Summer fruit season is definitely getting underway: pineapple, passionfruit, papaya, black sapote, tamarind, and and mamey apples and Julie mangoes from the amazing orchard of Tropical Exotics!
Raw local honey from Mr. Errol Chichester, happy hen eggs from Marti Gotts, artisanal bread loaves from Tess. Yummy yummy yummy.

If you haven’t yet experienced the sweet potato greens, they are a glorious accompaniment to any recipe, or perhaps as a side with a little mango on top. We like to cook the sweet potato greens by boiling them for 4–6 minutes, drain and then dress with olive oil, lime juice, and Braggs amino acids or your choice of soy sauce.

One Potato Two Potato Sweet Potato More! ARTfarm Saturday

Summer is when we play around with new crops. I guess it’s still summer. ARTfarm is harvesting amazing sweet potatoes the size of your head. They are big, orange, sweet, and delicious. High in nutrition. An awesome comfort food. It’s our new family favorite. Roast, mash, fry, hash… wow. 20130906-210352.jpg
Saturday, 10am – 12 noon: Microgreens, bunched arugula greens, bunched sweet potato greens, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, Bodhi beans, cucumbers, recao, Italian basil, garlic chives, lemongrass, figs, ice cream from I-Sha, breads from Tess, raw local honey from Wanda, puddles from TS Gabrielle!

ARTfarm Figgy Summer Saturday

ARTfarm Saturday, August 24th, 10am – 12 noon: Fresh figs by the box full, microgreens, teen sweet salad mix, bunched arugula, bunched sweet potato greens, cucumbers, yard long beans, garlic chives, lemongrass, recao, thyme, sage, Italian basil, pineapples, strawberry guavas (pictured), vegan ice cream from I-Sha in banana and soursop flavors, raw local honey from Wanda, fresh artisanal hearty loaves and bagels from Tess, papaya from Reuben’s Solitude Farm. In the nursery: young potted fig trees, cocoa trees, moringa trees, pineapple slips!

Figs will be available today both in the mixed boxes and solid green or solid purple.