Get us back in the fields with some DIY tech support!

Right now in this pandemic we are are a staff of two farmers and really pressed for time. The ARTfarm has been swamped with customer requests for info, and for individual help with online signups, even as our workload and backlog have gone up. We’ve found customer help requests are nearly all consistently related to the customer’s setup (email program, browser cache, internet connection, user error) and nothing we can fix on our end. So we’ve created some user guides, FAQs, and advice to help you.

BUT…we don’t have the time (or expertise) to offer individual tech support for these issues, and 99% of customers who have reached out to us for help eventually solve the problem on their own by: (a) waiting five minutes and trying again or (b) following these suggestions (occasionally they have to go through them more than once, or ask a friend for a fresh set of eyes).

Top Tips for Finding your Order Confirmation Email:

  • if the automated confirmation email is not immediately found, check your spam folder AND the ‘all mail’ folder
  • search for an email from ‘’
  • set up a filter in your email program to catch ARTfarm emails, and set it to check all your mail including the old stuff – if you don’t know how, ask a techy friend or Google it
  • revisit the form and make sure all required fields are filled/selected
  • make sure your email was typed in twice (CORRECTLY!) on the form
  • just try again
  • use a cellular device (smartphone or tablet) that isn’t using WiFi internet
  • restart your browser/device
  • clear your cache and cookies in your browser/device
  • reboot your router (unplug it for a minute and plug in again)
  • ask a friend or neighbor or computer-savvy IT person to help you

We’re sorry we don’t have the staff hours available to offer IT support. We’re trying to be accommodating during the pandemic but online orders were never really part of our business plan! We’re just doing our best with limited resources. Please ask a friend, or hire a techie teen to assist you. If you’re truly stymied or repeatedly frustrated by our system, at least until the pandemic is over, consider supporting another local farm with open market hours.

Please AVOID contacting us individually at this time for basic information about the ARTfarm or our programs, the pickup schedule, for email signups, or with technical issues participating. READ THIS WEBSITE INSTEAD. In the past we have prided ourselves on being highly responsive to email, text and social media communication with our beloved customers; but this year is special:

  • We have been inundated with communication requests and new customers since the pandemic started
  • Administering the online signup/COVID-safe distributions has substantially increased our workload without an income or staffing increase
  • Deadlines on our USDA Resource Conservation initiatives are looming after years of natural disaster delays
  • Our WCK resilience and capacity building project to improve/expand cold storage on the farm must progress
  • We are parents and also senior caregivers, subject to the same pandemic stresses as everyone else

So, because of this, currently our customer response time is ‘pandemic slow’. We do not have the time we used to, to quickly respond to requests for basic farm operations information, to chat about island life or how to grow basil, or help with lost emails or orders.

We’ve gotten some blowback from at least one person who labelled this poor customer service and threatened to report us to the morality police – but we’ve stayed up more than a few late nights assuring that ALL the available information on our services (including procedures, hours, produce listings, directions, troubleshooting signup and email problems, and other frequently asked questions) is already on our website. We did this specifically to clear our days for the laundry list of things we must do in addition to running this farm. Please help us spend more time farming and less time answering repeated questions; click around this site and read.

We welcome your patience and feedback, and we thank you for your support.