Green and yellow Cavendish bananas rest atop a pile of Haitian kidney and Valencia Pride mangoes at ARTfarm.
Use your digital bananas to surf our website for answers to your questions! Green and yellow Cavendish bananas rest atop a pile of Haitian kidney and Valencia Pride mangoes at ARTfarm.

Wait! Stop!! Please help us help you. Fully 99.5% of the inquiries we receive here are already answered on this website. We are really busy this season with keeping our customers and family safe, and unfortunately don’t have a lot of time for repeat questions, emails, or giving computer tech support. Please please help us have time and energy to grow and harvest more food, by visiting our Help page with FAQs first, and carefully reading the provided answers on this website BEFORE you consider submitting a question here. You can expect a response here within 7-10 days.

To check our current farmstand hours, get directions to the farm, and other information about visiting us, read the Visit Our Farmstand page and check out the Google Map posted on every page of this website. (During the pandemic, we are CLOSED to the public and running a socially distanced pre-order system. No tours.)

To find out what produce is currently available, about pandemic pre-orders, and how to get our food, read our Farm Blog or subscribe to our farm email list! Because our schedule is very seasonal and weather driven, we recommend taking a few minutes to read recent posts on our farm blog to find out what we have, or getting on our email list to find out what is available. You can also visit our What We Grow page. To get on our EMAIL LIST, visit our page Get Farm Emails.

If you’re having trouble receiving our emails, please visit our help page for tips, FAQs and advice – and a link to a local teen consulting firm who can help you with your computer confusion! We’re really sorry but our time is so limited, and all the problems consistently involve the customer’s setup or user error, so there’s nothing we can fix on our end.

If you have questions about our pandemic pre-order program, including how it all works, and finding your confirmation email, please carefully read ALL the rules, procedures, and frequently asked questions on our pre-order info page and our COVID-19 fact page. These procedures are also repeated in every current farm email and every farmshare post. All the answers you seek, ARE there. We can’t do changes to orders via email.

DO NOT USE THIS CONTACT FORM FOR EMAIL LIST or PRE-ORDER SIGNUP ISSUES. We’ll say it one more time. WE DO NOT OFFER TECH SUPPORT IN FINDING MISSING EMAILS or USING THE ORDER FORM, and we generally CAN’T CHECK INDIVIDUAL ORDERS for confirmation or to make changes. If you email us with these problems you might not get a response. If following the advice on this website doesn’t solve your problem, you need a friend or techy teenager to help you with your computer setup, not the personal attention of an under-rested farmer. Get a friend to help you follow our troubleshooting tips, and let us know if you find new ones that work!

Please do not contact us regarding employment unless you are currently already legally eligible and permitted to work in the US.

The best way to get in touch with us about anything else is via the CONTACT form below. For emergencies/order cancellations use our text message at (340)514-4873. Otherwise, expect an answer in 7-10 days in the busy season (Oct-April).

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