As of March 2020, we are temporarily closed to the public for farmstand shopping due to the threat of coronavirus/COVID-19 in the community.

Happy ARTfarm mom and kid with the ARTfarm sign. "Get Your Greens!"
ARTfarm is open very seasonally – so check the website before you hop in the car!

We have started a box share program with online reservations and staggered pickup times, primarily on Saturdays, so read our latest blog posts here to find out how to participate.

We will still be here at the farm, working on fine art goals, farm maintenance, and hurricane recovery projects following the devastation of Hurricane Maria on September 20th, 2017. During the summer months which is our off season, if we get some good rain, or have a flush of summer fruit, we will host a pop-up stand. This will be posted on our Facebook page and to our email list. You can sign up on this website for the email list to receive those notifications.

Barring any unusual issues, generally the farm is open Saturday mornings 10am – 12 noon and Wednesday afternoons 3 – 4:30pm. (Our hours are short because we pick everything fresh and sell out very quickly.) If holidays shift the schedule, we get some good rain, or have a flush of surplus product, we will host an extra “pop-up” stand, typically on Monday afternoons. All farmstand hours for upcoming farmstands, along with a list of produce, will be posted on our Facebook page and to our email list.

Subscribe on the right hand side of our website for email updates (at the bottom of the page if you’re on a smartphone), or visit and like ARTfarm’s Facebook page for a current listing of available produce and other special items!

You can always check our roadside signs, or check our Facebook page, or call us at (340)514-4873, to see what the current hours are. It does change seasonally.

Our produce is available up to three days a week during farmstand hours on a first-come, first-serve basis and there is occasionally a friendly line that forms outside the gate prior to the opening time. Due to time and staff constraints, we cannot take retail orders or reserve items over the phone, email or social media. Please come early for the best selection! We greatly appreciate your support.


ARTfarm is on the south shore of St. Croix, due south of Christiansted and Gallows Bay, about eight minutes’ leisurely drive from town. Our farmstand, at the entrance to ARTfarm, is located on the south side of St. Croix’s South Shore Road (Rt. 62), east of Ha’Penny Beach and west of the Boy Scout Camp. (That’s also east of the Hovensa oil refinery and west of the Divi Casino, and due south of Canegata Ball Park as the crow flies, at the bottom of Rt. 85, Spring Gut Road.) Look for our signs and the stone cattle pens to find us. Park along the short driveway or in the small field, before the white wooden fence. Walk in between the white planters just to the right of the metal pipe gate, and pass through over the former site of our tiny art gallery (destroyed by Hurricane Maria) to the farmstand behind it.

If you have the free St. Croix Pocket Map, we’re number 1 in purple. If you have the free St. Croix This Week Magazine map, we’re number 1 in orange on the map of St. Croix. On either map, ARTfarm is the only marked feature due south of Christiansted on the South Shore of the island.

Here is a link to our location on Google maps.


Visitors are welcome during farmstand hours for a quick overview of the farm or to ask questions about our organic farming practices. We’ll do our best to accommodate you. Please respect our need to service our customers first. We firmly request that dogs and other pets stay in your vehicle or on leash in the parking area OUTSIDE the entrance gate. This is for health code reasons and also for the safety of your pets, our farm plants and livestock, and our customers. Thank you.

School groups should call to arrange a day and time for a visit. We will supply you with more information when you call!

We occasionally keep some poultry or livestock near the farmstand entrance for young visitors to enjoy.

ARTfarm maintains biosecurity and is not an open-farm; due to plant virus issues, there is a strict no-smoking, no-tobacco, no pets policy in all areas of the farm. We also utilize electric fencing in some pasture areas, and construction projects are often underway, so for your safety please respect signs that restrict non-employee movement on the farm. We’re always happy to accompany guests around the farm for a tour as time permits. Click here for farm tour information.


ARTfarm’s season has been shifting and shortening with climate change since about 2015. Our farmstand is typically open year-round on Saturday mornings, with the exception of a few weeks ranging from near the end of August or beginning of September to mid November where we may take a summer/fall break to work on bigger construction projects. (Some years due to natural disasters we may vary slightly or greatly from this schedule.) It’s best to always check the blog/website/Facebook page before coming out!

The week before Thanksgiving week, we usually add Wednesday afternoons from 3pm to 5pm through the end of the growing season in May.

Our prime growing season (tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, vegetables) generally runs from October through April. In the summer months, we remain open to sell seasonal local fruits and whatever salad greens and herbs are available.

Tomato season is generally from mid-December through April, depending on the weather and other variables. Mango season begins in May – June, although some years we have had mangoes in October – December.

With the notable fluctuations in rainfall and climate, seasons can vary greatly, so please consider these to be estimates!


We are a micro-sized mom and pop business. We are committed to providing healthy, organically grown food to our community.

We want you, our customer, to be 100% satisfied with our produce that you purchase. There are always seasonal variations in the taste of small farm foods, and becoming accustomed to and even enthusiastic about this variation is part of learning to eat non-supermarket produce. Occasionally variation is due to farmer error; we’re human and we might pick something before its full ripeness. Storage of farm-fresh produce is also a factor, so please ask if you have any doubts as to how to properly keep an item you have purchased from ARTfarm.

If anything you purchase from us proves unsatisfactory, please inform us immediately. We will either replace the item or refund the purchase price, or issue a credit. Because we don’t typically issue receipts for retail farmstand sales, and some products are weighed and sold per pound, it’s most helpful in those cases if you can bring the product back to us as soon as possible, so we can credit you the proper weight, and/or share a photo. This also helps us learn from the mistake if farmer error was involved!

Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Visit Our Farmstand

    1. It is an auspicious date! We’ll be open (and will announce on our website, email list and Facebook page) as soon as we have enough produce to sell. That should be in two more weeks, approximately. If possible, we will be open the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Thanks for checking in!

  1. Are you the guys that make Dr. D’s Pepper Tonic that is served at Café Fresco? A healthy addiction has been brought back to the states and we’d like to start ordering bulk.

    1. That stuff is awesome! Dr. D is actually Dr. Amanda Doering Holmes, she is a chiropractor and foodie! I am tracking down her current contact info, will get back to you shortly

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