We welcome non-smoking volunteers to ARTfarm. Our volunteers help keep the farm viable and functioning. ARTfarm volunteers usually come once or twice a week for 2-4 hours on a regular schedule and help with any aspect of the farm that interests them. We do not have housing for volunteers. This program is limited during the COVID-19 pandemic. Call us for more information at (340)514-4873.

ARTfarm is not a WWOOF participating farm at this time because we do not have facilities for workers to stay on the farm overnight. If you are interested in spending more time with us, consider becoming an employee.


We hire one to four fantastic, enthusiastic non-smoking employees every year, who usually work somewhere between 15 to 30 hours per week for the entire season of five or six months. We do not yet offer housing, but it’s in the works.

Laughing about something every day is an essential part of our workflow. Farming is hot, dirty, physical work involving lifting, carrying, reaching, bending, squatting, kneeling and coping with the hot Caribbean weather, including early and late work hours. Employees must demonstrate strong powers of observation, critical thinking and listening skills, mindfulness, attention to detail, healthy emotional boundaries, and respect for all kinds of people. We keep livestock and poultry, and employees must be willing to work with our farm animals and animal products. We are not an animal sanctuary or a vegan farm. A sense of ‘high pace in flow’ and efficiency while working, the ability to take specific direction and manage a task list, and passion for regenerative farming are keys to success on our small diverse mom-and-pop production farm. If you have those qualities and can enjoy a good running joke, please get in touch!

If you contact us seeking employment, please supply a CV or work summary and cover letter with your request, describing your farming experience, your work history, and what you’re looking to get out of working at ARTfarm. We’ll need work and personal references. You must already be legally eligible and permitted to work in the US. We look forward to getting to know you.

3 thoughts on “Farming Opportunities

  1. Hey Guys,
    I’m interested in volunteering for the months of January and Febuary. Do you have any recommendations for places to stay?

    1. Hey, Stew!

      Thanks for your inquiry into volunteering at the ARTfarm.

      PLEASE NOTE: Generally speaking, our farm volunteers are not visitors to the island, but local permanent residents. We are NOT set up to accommodate people as they do in the WWOOF program. We definitely need to meet volunteers in person and find out more about their background, experience and motivations before committing to any kind of work arrangement.

      To answer your question about accommodations, there are lots of hotel and villa rentals on the island. You can use http://www.GotoStCroix.com to find many of them. You will also need to rent a car.

      There is an accommodation next to the farm at LongfordHideaway.com. You will have to contact them through their website to find out if they have availability during your dates.

      If you are on a budget, there are a couple of eco-lodging places. One is called Discovery Grove, another is called Northside Valley Retreat and the third is Mount Victory Camp. I’m sure you can find them using Google.

      The Ridge To Reef farm on St. Croix’s west end does have an apprentice program where you can stay with room and board covered and volunteer at their farm. There may be a fee involved as well as some minimum time restrictions. You can check with them for more details about their programs.

      Good luck!

    2. Sorry we do not have enough poultry to hire an employee for it. We are not hiring this season but keeping existing staff due to the pandemic. Try approaching a poultry specializing operation.

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