ARTfarm Saturday: Fig Trees & Cukes!

ARTfarm Saturday: FIG TREES, cucumbers, recao, garlic chives, lemongrass, pineapple, fresh figs. Mangoes and carambola from Tropical Exotics farm, papaya from Reuben at Solitude Farm, bread and bagels from Tess, honey from Wanda, ice cream from I-Sha.

Sorry, no salad greens today, we’ll have some micro available on Wednesday.

ARTfarm nursery sale: FIG TREES, cacao trees, moringa trees, ginger plants, star apple, papaya, pineapple slips. Native/landscape trees: white cinnamon, sandbox, Jamaican caper, lignum vitae, black olive (gri-gri).

Reuben is a familiar, friendly face to east enders and to anyone who visits the Department of Agriculture. He produces huge papayas and dragon fruit at Solitude Farms and we are thrilled to be able to bring you the fruits of his labors at ARTfarm.
Poor Farmer Luca is very sad to have to sell some of his young fig trees, but he just doesn’t have enough room for all of them at ARTfarm. Stop by today and adopt one of these little guys, and give it a loving home. Reasonable adoption fees.

Fruity Saturday at ARTfarm


It’s officially mango season!! Today’s stand starts with a mélange of sweet and juicy local fruit: bananas from Reuben Liburd, Haitian kidney and Nam Duc Mai mangoes from Alex Ettienne, ARTfarm pineapples & papaya!! Microgreens, Kan-Kong (Asian spinach), sweet peppers, hot peppers, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin, beets, scallions, bok choi, Bodhi yard-long beans, garlic chives; italian, lemon, thai and holy basil;  lemongrass, zinnia flowers; native trees, and pineapple slips.

10am – 12 noon every Saturday. We are discontinuing Monday farmstands until next year. Wednesday hours are now 3-6pm! Thanks for your support.

ARTfarm Saturday Earth Eve Stand!


Celebrate Earth Day tomorrow with healthy ARTfarm food grown sustainably in soil… Oh, wait a minute — you do that every week!

Today we have the following earthly pleasures: pineapples!!, baby arugula, arugula, baby spicy, microgreens, spicy mix, sweet mix, zinnias, scallions, chives, dill, basil, lemon basil, sage, thyme, bell peppers, hot peppers, cooking greens, Bodhi beans, ice cream, cherry tomatoes, big tomatoes, lemongrass, bananas.

If you want to sequester some carbon this weekend in honor of the holiday, we can supply you with a few pineapple slips for your garden or beautiful drought-tolerant native tree seedlings for beautifying and cooling your home or business.

ARTfarm’s got your greens! Get ’em 3pm – 5:30pm today, Wednesday!!


It’s the return of Wednesday afternoon ARTfarmstands! Come out and see us this afternoon, October 26th, from 3 to 5:30pm!

Yellowish green, pinecone-like sugar apples (sweetsop) of various sizes in a basket.
Yellowish green, pinecone-like sugar apples (sweetsop) are eaten fresh and ripe. Kids love the sweet flavor, and the seeds are large, hard and shiny. Like watermelon seeds, they're perfect for spitting at your sister.

We’ve got sweet and spicy salad mixes, microgreens, baby arugula, asian water spinach, lemongrass, garlic chives, fresh big bunches of basil, sweet ripe papayas, ripe local bananas, sugar apples, limes and fresh cut-to-order coconuts you can drink with a straw at the farmstand or take home and chill in the fridge.

We also have Black Olive trees, and other native tree varieties, for sale in one and three gallon pot sizes. These are drought and disease tolerant shade trees. Ask for more information at the stand!

A drought tolerant, mature Black Olive tree has a wide canopy that provides a lot of shade.
A drought tolerant, mature Black Olive tree can develop a wide canopy that provides a lot of shade.

Wear your Halloween costume to Saturday’s farmstand and get a free native tree!!