No Wednesday distribution this week at ARTfarm…check back Friday.

Mexican poppy (flowering thistle, Argemone mexicana) is tolerant of drought. It is now thriving when many other plants are dying.

Hey good people, in case you missed this detail in our last post or at the distribution Saturday – we are curtailing Wednesday distributions for the time being. Things are hot, we are in a drought, the lettuce has slowed its growth and we are jumping on some infrastructure projects with funding from USDA’s NRCS and World Central Kitchen to build more resilience against climate change.

We will post on FRIDAY for SATURDAY distribution only this week and for the next few weeks. Pick your grooviest dance playlist or mix tape and do a raindance for us!!

ARTfarm Saturday Earth Eve Stand!


Celebrate Earth Day tomorrow with healthy ARTfarm food grown sustainably in soil… Oh, wait a minute — you do that every week!

Today we have the following earthly pleasures: pineapples!!, baby arugula, arugula, baby spicy, microgreens, spicy mix, sweet mix, zinnias, scallions, chives, dill, basil, lemon basil, sage, thyme, bell peppers, hot peppers, cooking greens, Bodhi beans, ice cream, cherry tomatoes, big tomatoes, lemongrass, bananas.

If you want to sequester some carbon this weekend in honor of the holiday, we can supply you with a few pineapple slips for your garden or beautiful drought-tolerant native tree seedlings for beautifying and cooling your home or business.