ARTfarm Healthy Lifestand 10am – 12noon

Seasoning peppers are pungent little packages of intense fruity pepper flavor with no (or extremely mild) heat. They look like scotch bonnets, and some folks assume that’s what they are, but these things have all the fragrance of the scotch bonnet with none of the pain factor. They ‘taste like the Caribbean’, as Farmer Luca likes to say. They are amazing to add to all kinds of dishes and sauces, and impart a smoky kind of flavor.

One of the great secrets to really tasty food preparation is just to start with really good fresh ingredients. If you do that, you can keep things very simple and they will taste incredible.

This Saturday’s farmstand, 10am – 12noon: welcome to February! Tomato incredibleness continues, with even more heirlooms (please don’t squeeze), loads of fresh sweet salad mix, teen arugula, baby ‘almost micro’ spicy salad mix, tons of figs, beautiful seasoning peppers, sweet bell peppers, assorted spicy hot peppers, no-peel baby ginger and turmeric, lettuce heads, various cooking greens, dandelion greens, endive, Italian basil, lemon basil, Thai basil, holy basil, cilantro, dill, garlic chives, a few bunches of parsley, sage, French breakfast radishes, baby carrots, butternut squash, Thai pumpkin (so so so good with edible skin), and zinnia flowers.

Early birds will also choose from a few bunches of scallions and onions, some watermelon, some cucumbers, and the first of our Hawaiian sweet corn.

See you in the morning!

ARTfarm Monday Stand: 3–6 p.m.! Cherry Tomatoes Jubilee!

“The cherries are finally really coming in! We should have enough for everybody today,” according to Farmer Luca. IMG_7504.JPGAs a nice side to your giant bowl of cherry tomatoes, may we suggest any of the following: Sweet salad mix, microgreens, arugula, spicy salad mix, loads of cucumbers, a few slicer tomatoes, radishes with delicious edible green tops, cilantro, Italian basil, lettuce heads, and fresh cut zinnia flowers.

We also have Errol’s beautiful raw dark local honey in small bottles. Perfect little holiday gifts. Don’t forget about Three Kings Day!

We will be open on Wednesday, New Year’s Eve, special hours for you special people. We will be open in the morning as if it were a Saturday, 10 AM – 12 noon. According to Farmer Luca, the sweet corn will be ready on Wednesday. He’s been holding out on you guys, waiting for the peak of flavor and size on every ear.

Jen and Joe are back on St. Croix for the winter and back helping out at ARTfarm! We’re thrilled to have them around!