Your Free 2019 Guide to ARTfarm Farmers

Just to clear things up, these are not both Luca. Ha ha!

Happy New Year to all of you beautiful wonderful farm supporters. We wish you the most amazing, healthy and rewarding 2019. See above visual aid for your free ‘field’ guide to the ARTfarm farmers!

We’ll be open tomorrow, Wednesday, from 3 – 4:30 PM on the South Shore. We’ve got a bumper haul of watermelon in pink, yellow and red!

Also: Lots and lots of sweet salad mix, TEENY TINY baby almost micro arugula, baby almost micro spicy salad mix, arugula, good amounts of tomatoes, lots of cherry tomatoes, loads of butternut squash in sizes small and XL, lots of baby ginger and baby turmeric (so tender you can just wash well and don’t bother peeling), boc choi, various types of cooking greens, lettuce heads, petite sweet and crunchy ‘chrysanthemum’ Kiku Japanese melons, a few cucumbers, lots and lots of Mediterranean figs, Italian basil, Thai basil, lemon basil, holy basil, cilantro, dill, Serrano peppers, chili peppers, a few bell peppers, lots of gorgeous zinnias, and a fresh batch of Fiddlewood Farm goat cheese from Bethany!

Thanks to all of our customers for being so patient. We wouldn’t be here without you, and we value your time and appreciate that you do spend a little bit of time waiting in line to shop and to check out. Because our fruits and vegetables do not have barcodes and are often sold by weight, we do have to total you up the old-fashioned way. We plan to keep two checkout lines open for the busy times at all farmstands until the end of the high season.

Farmer Luca is starting to feel a bit better after a bit of a health crisis this past month. Many thanks to our awesome team of employees, family, friends and volunteers who have really picked up the slack and given him an opportunity to rest and heal. A farm is a tremendous amount of work, dedication and long, long hours. Thank you for all the love and well wishes as he continues on the path to recovery.

Love, ARTfarm

2 thoughts on “Your Free 2019 Guide to ARTfarm Farmers

  1. Morning,

    If Jenn can get to the farm can she pick up some greens, two bunches of italian basil, mixed, sweet and spicy and arugula lettuce, a yellow watermelon (or any other colour that is available, and tomatoes please.


    1. Morning Rikki! You’re welcome to send her with a list for when we open at 3 PM but we have too many tasks at hand to be able to pull and store special orders for individual customers. We don’t have that size packing warehouse to make those kind of things possible nor the staff unfortunately. Our policy is first come first served for all items, but there should be quite a lot today and you’re likely to be able to secure those things!

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