The Big Wind Blows… Saturday 10am – 12 noon

Double rainbows galore yesterday on the farm! Thanks to supervols Nick, Chuppie, Maggie and Ana for helping us transplant veggies in the afternoon squalls!

Seas are churned up! These cool winter squalls are dropping a little rain – and a lot of rainbows – on the island. Strong gusts up to 35-40mph over the last couple of days are causing tarps to fly on the farm and even pushed over a sculpture in our gardens.

All this plus salad mix, fresh herbs, cooking greens, hot peppers, fruit and more!

For Saturday morning we will harvest: sweet salad mix, bunched arugula, spicy salad mix, beautiful crunchy sweet cucumbers, slicer tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, lots of beautiful baby ginger, bell peppers, Thai chili peppers and Serano peppers, various cooking greens, Italian basil, Thai basil, lemon basil, holy basil, garlic chives, cilantro, dill, butternut squash. For dessert: fresh ripe figs, red and yellow watermelon, Japanese chrysanthemum Kiku melons, papayas. For the table: zinnia flowers. And don’t forget fresh local goat cheese from Fiddlewood Farms!


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