We’re following CDC guidelines to avoid crowds:

ARTfarm will:

Farmer Luca at our Socially Distanced Farmshare Distribution. Homemade cloth mask by Rose Boyan!
Who IS that masked farmer?
  • NOT be open for retail walk-in shopping
  • run pre-reserved online ‘farmshare’ sales
  • offer socially distanced pick up shifts of 10 people max – you make your appointment online when you reserve your farmshare
  • avoid creating long waits, lines, crowds, traffic jams
  • wear masks, sanitizing hands and surfaces
  • not handle cash, checks or make change – you drop payment in the bucket

CUSTOMERS are required to:

  • read and agree to our farmshare system rules, including:
  • meet an order minimum of one farmshare size
  • arrive ON TIME, not early!!
  • consistently maintain 10-15 feet of distance between all individuals
  • wear masks to keep each other safe
  • sanitize hands before you exit your vehicle
  • bring exact change or a check and pen
  • be patient with us and each other during pickups
  • bring your own boxes, bags, baskets to pack up your order
  • wait to bag produce until we have completely assembled and totaled your order on the table

We require everyone picking up a box to wear a mask and please sanitize your hands before exiting your vehicle/arriving at the distribution table, and we will do the same.

Pandemic Preorders

For the pandemic times, no more crowding together at the farmstand! Be a masked mango and stand apart!

In mid-March 2020, as COVID-19 restrictions started in the USVI, we closed our usual retail farmstand and reopened with a socially distanced pre-order distribution model as described above (see a sample here). We closed in May for the off-season, but ran a socially distanced pop-up stand or two for bumper crops of mangoes and dragonfruit.

We reopened with the same pre-order model for the winter 2020 season in December 2020, and will continue to maintain social distancing and prioritize health and safety until further notice.

Pop-Ups are Possible in the Off-Season

A computer screen shows the sign-up form for ARTfarm’s box shares
Sign up online to reserve a farm share box.

…We will publish and email any produce ‘pop-up’ stands on this website and our Facebook page, and distribute BY RESERVATION ONLY.

Pop-up farmstands usually occur in summer and fall, when we are typically closed for the season but have a shift in weather or when a bumper crop is ready to harvest.

Check our most recently expired distribution post on this site for an example and instructions on how to reserve a spot and participate. Sign up for FARM EMAILS to receive the farmshare and pop-up notifications.

ARTfarm Health and Safety

We are committed to offering a safe work environment and safe produce for our employees, volunteers, family members and customers. Following the guidance of the US CDC and USVI DOH and USVI Governor Albert Bryan Jr.’s executive orders during the COVID-19 crisis, we will continually adjust our practices to make sure we are meeting those goals, including:

  • Monitoring news and heeding the latest scientific research regarding best practices to prevent transmission.
  • Requiring farm workers to wear masks when harvesting, processing, packaging and handling food crops and when interacting in person with each other and customers.
  • Any employees experiencing fever, fatigue or other symptoms are required to stay home and follow CDC testing/quarantine guidelines.
  • Increasing regular cleaning, food safety and sanitation regimens, wearing masks and increasing handwashing.
  • Sanitizing common surfaces frequently during customer interactions.
  • Continuing to operate while preventing any gathering of more than 10 humans at a time; and insuring that all gatherings meet or exceed physical/social distancing guidelines.
  • Personally staying home, aggressively social distancing and reducing our carbon footprint by conserving power and water even more than usual.
  • Telecommuting to any necessary meetings, school classes etc.
  • Delegating, postponing or consolidating any mission-critical off-farm errands to one day per week and one person in the family, to minimize our exposure to others.
  • Postponing, reducing, and/or eliminating non-essential tasks.
  • Committing to continuing to grow and distribute healthy fresh produce to the public to increase health outcomes.
  • Communicating with the public about home garden practices.

What You Can Do To Help

The most important thing that you can do to help us at this time is to be positive and trust that we are busting our big red beets to produce as much food as possible during this time of global crisis and increasing temperatures, and to distribute it as equitably and seamlessly as we can, while experiencing the same shortages, frustrations, emotions and issues that you are around the coronavirus crisis.

  • Please be patient and think cooperatively. We are all in this together.
  • Stay informed on COVID-19 and how it affects others in your community, watch out for COVID misconceptions!!
  • Please respect our physical distancing and mask use requests; we have elderly at-risk family members AND customers.
  • If you or someone in your contact circle/household are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have recently tested positive, DO NOT attend pickup. Have a friend or neighbor pick up for you.
  • Please avoid contacting us with ordering questions or for help with finding lost emails. Instead, read our site carefully. Much information is already on this website; if you take the time to read, the answer to your question is probably already here.
  • Please DO contact us immediately by text and phone if you have reserved a farmshare and cannot pick it up. Supply is limited, demand is extremely high and someone else will gladly purchase your share, given enough time. Our produce is harvested fresh and needs to go home with you same day. This is an honor system since we are not collecting payment until pickup. If you fail to pick up your reserved farmshare three times, or twice in a row, we will block your access and ask you to find another farm.
  • Please do not contact us just to see if we received your farmshare box reservation (unless we have requested you to). A successful reservation will be met with a “Thank You” page and a confirmation email. Search your email program for it, and try our recommendations for troubleshooting issues with order submission, before contacting us.
  • If you have to contact us, reconsider! Solve your problem on your own! If you must, use the contact form on this site or text the farm number instead of calling. Response time is ‘pandemic delayed’ so you are better off re-reading this website for answers.
  • Support our local chefs and restaurants (who help support local farmers) through this difficult time by ordering takeout!
  • Check to see if your neighbors are doing OK or need any help. Order them some takeout!
  • Post pictures of things you are preparing with your ARTfarm produce to social media and tag us with #artfarmllc so we can see it… it makes the farmers happy!