ARTfarm Saturday: fresh fish, sweet corn!

It’s your last chance to stock up for your Sunday brunch before they close the roads! Good luck to all our friends and customers racing tomorrow.

Come out and see us, 10am–12 noon this morning. We have sweet corn, and fresh fish for you today! Come out and see Ryan and Kim and get some mahi to throw on the grill!20140503-064427.jpgSweet salad mix, spicy salad mix, baby spicy salad mix, arugula, baby arugula, microgreens with purslane, macrogreens (bigger micro) with purslane, (purslane is an omega-rich, citrusy tasting wild succulent green), lettuce heads, kale, collards, broccoli greens, garlic chives, recao, basil, holy basil, lemon basil, thyme, mint, sweet corn, carrots, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, ginger, passionfruit, pineapple, bananas, key limes,
bread from Tess, raw local honey from Jolly Hill Apiary, vegan ice cream from I-Sha, and fresh caught local mahi from Ryan and Kim!

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