Last ARTfarm Monday for the Summer! 3–6 p.m. Today

Today will be the last ARTfarm Monday farmstand for the season. It’s almost summertime, people! Mangoes dreaming of setting big fruit. We will continue to be open on Wednesdays, 3–6 p.m., and Saturday mornings, 10 AM – 12 noon.

Today’s harvest: Microgreens, baby arugula, bagged arugula, sweet salad mix, sweet corn, pineapples, passionfruit, bananas, cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, and I-Sha’s vegan creamy coconut ice cream in various local fruit varieties!

Head down to the South Shore farm oasis and refuel!20140505-134851.jpg

One thought on “Last ARTfarm Monday for the Summer! 3–6 p.m. Today

  1. Thank you for giving us 3 days a week to eat your delicious and healthy fruits and veggies.

    Sorry I won’t make it today but see you Wed. and Sat.

    The pineapples have been wonderful made salsa today hope enough left for dinner.

    Enjoy your day big hugs to you all

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