ARTfarm Saturday Earth Eve Stand!


Celebrate Earth Day tomorrow with healthy ARTfarm food grown sustainably in soil… Oh, wait a minute — you do that every week!

Today we have the following earthly pleasures: pineapples!!, baby arugula, arugula, baby spicy, microgreens, spicy mix, sweet mix, zinnias, scallions, chives, dill, basil, lemon basil, sage, thyme, bell peppers, hot peppers, cooking greens, Bodhi beans, ice cream, cherry tomatoes, big tomatoes, lemongrass, bananas.

If you want to sequester some carbon this weekend in honor of the holiday, we can supply you with a few pineapple slips for your garden or beautiful drought-tolerant native tree seedlings for beautifying and cooling your home or business.

ARTfarm Stand OPEN 3-5:30pm, veggies and plants for sale!

Farmstand open this afternoon, 3-5:30pm! Beat the Saturday morning rush, visit ARTfarm during our Monday and Wednesday afternoon stands. Today we have microgreens, arugula, sweet mix, cherry tomatoes, big slicer tomatoes, heirlooms, lemon basil, Italian basil, dill, cilantro, sage, lots of cucumbers, lots of sweet peppers, cayenne peppers, Bodhi beans, cooking greens including escarole, kale, Chinese cabbage, papayas and zinnia flowers. Cherry tomato plants for sale and native trees!

ARTfarm Closing for a Quick End-Of-Summer Break…

This morning’s farmstand was our last for a few weeks. We’ve got to focus our full attention on some big projects, to make the farm more productive and sustainable in the coming seasons.

We’ll reopen in mid-October with a new rainwater catchment pond, some new signs, some new artwork in the ARTbarn and sheep grazing in our pastures! We’re seeding many crops for this coming fall and winter’s harvest now, starting a new batch of native trees from seed, and playing with a few experimental crops including local roasting corn and fig trees. Stay tuned for updates.

Three workers in a large Mars-like crater shovel rocks into the bucket of a skid steer at ARTfarm.
Three awesome ARTfarm workers - Tucker Brown, Eric Gautreau and Adrian Jordaan - in a large Mars-like crater, shovel rocks into the bucket of a skid steer in preparation for the lining of a rainwater catchment pond.

If you have some time to spare or know anyone with an interest in and enthusiasm for sustainable farming, we are always looking for reliable nonsmoking volunteers and workers who’d like to help out and learn something new. (It’s not ALL shovelling rocks!) Give us a call at (340)514-4873 or pass our website along to those who might be interested:

ARTfarm Stand OPEN for TS Maria This Morning

Tropical Storm Maria veering toward St. Croix in NOAA's Water Vapor Loop imagery
Tropical Storm Maria veering toward St. Croix in NOAA's Water Vapor Loop imagery

Heck yeah we’re open! We’ll be scurrying around putting seedlings under cover in case Maria gets rowdy, but will have plenty of MICROgreens, avocado, coconuts, water spinach, herbs, and sweet sweet mangoes for you today! Come on down to the ARTfarm and stock up on pre-storm bounty!