ARTfarm Mango & Greens Pop-up 10/19/22 Wednesday 5:30pm!

Mallika mango. Sweet, fiberless, Tang-y like the 1970s.

Things are super green on the South Shore at the moment. We’re catching up with all the grass as fast as we can! We’re also still at work on our WCK processing center project and getting ready for season.

We’re looking for volunteers with experience in market gardening, construction and/or food prep. Hoeing raking weeding composting setting up garden beds. Carpentry. Non-smoker is a must. If you’re interested in helping us grow, drop us a line here with your phone number and tell us about yourself.

Wednesday 10/19/22 pop up at ARTfarm 5:30 — 6pm. First come first serve: Sweet salad mix, luscious mangoes, sweet potatoes, sweet potato greens, Italian basil, garlic chives, kefir leaves, lemongrass, onions with green tops, zinnia flowers; and for the gardeners we have…
Pineapple slips, small lignum vitae trees. Great gifts for the person who has everything!

Nam Doc Mai, Mallika and Haitian kidney mangoes from Tropical Exotics orchard in mid-island. Alex is a meticulous orchardist and his mangoes are perfection!

Nam doc Mai mango. Smooth, buttery crowd pleaser. Pointy tip.
Haitian Kidney mango. Large, round, generous, a slight lemony twist with a touch of fiber.

First come first serve. No reservation required!

Farmer Luca and family want to take a moment to encourage everyone to support local farmers. If you can’t make it to our farmstand, don’t forget about Sejah Farm, a wonderful family farm/market that sells their own produce plus lots of produce from all over St. Croix. They have a wide selection and are open more hours and days than we are. There is also the Saturday farmers market at the Department of Agriculture grounds where you can buy directly from farmers. And there are many farms with a stand out front.

Remember the best way to support agriculture in the US Virgin Islands is to buy produce directly from farmers.

Hop down to the South Shore and see Farmer Luca!

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