ARTfarm Summer Fruit + Salad Greens Pop-up this morning, 7/10/21, 11am–11:30am.

Despite the drought we got you! Fresh local fruit greens and herbs. First come first serve starting at 11am Saturday 7/10/2021 til’ the line is done. Come stock your fridge! Photos just in!We have beautiful red fleshed Natural Mystic dragonfruits, Sugarloaf pineapples, sweet papaya, mangoes including Nam Doc Mai, Valencia Pride, Jakarta, Haitian kidney. Also salad greens, bok Choy and fresh herbs including ginger and turmeric! Mask up and social distance please! We appreciate you.

We made these! Learn to make beautiful baskets like these at Mount Victory Camp‘s Caribbean Earth Skills school on St. Croix’s west end.
Fresh herbs and bok choy from ARTfarm, summer pop-up
Some say mangoes from drought conditions have more intense flavors than in wet years. These beauties from ARTfarm and Farmer Dennis Nash

2 thoughts on “ARTfarm Summer Fruit + Salad Greens Pop-up this morning, 7/10/21, 11am–11:30am.

  1. Please hand deliver all your stock to upstate N.Y. We don’t have any good mango trees up here.

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