ARTfarm July 10th Summer Fruit + Salad Greens Pop-up This Saturday, 11am–11:30am.

A July pop-up stand! Red dragonfruits are so sweet!! Come see us and stock up because you never know when the next pop-up will be! First come first serve starting at 11am Saturday til’ the line is done. Come stock your fridge with fresh permaculturey produce from your friendly local regenerative soil-building farming nerds!

Heavy basketloads of fresh ripe dragonfruits at ARTfarm

Farmer Luca will greet you Saturday to provide lots of sweet summer salad mix, lots of red (inside and out) dragonfruit, and for the early birds we’ll have a few fresh pineapples, small amounts of Thai mangoes and sweet papaya. Also available: lots of ginger and turmeric, plus seasoning peppers, baby bok Choi, garlic chives, lemongrass, and kaffir leaves… and Pineapple slips (baby pineapple plants for growing your own pineapple). (Text ahead if you want more than half a dozen pine slips so we can prep them for you, they are $2-4 per plant depending on size.)

Farmer Luca swore the ginger and turmeric were done last month but then he discovered a forgotten patch while planting out next year‘s crop. So we have some beautiful freshly harvested ginger and turmeric, surprise!

We look forward to seeing you — once again please, from the bridge of your nose to your beautiful forehead! We are still wearing masks and require that you do the same during our transactions. Kindly please maintain social distancing in the line, as everyone has their own comfort (and immune) level. You are awesome!

Love, ARTfarm

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