Pineapples ripening at ARTfarm, just in time to ease the sorrow of tomato season coming to a close.

ARTfarm Greens/Pines Pop-Up Wednesday After Work!

ARTfarm’s sweet mix is made from a variety of lettuce varieties. Harvested early morning in the fields of the South Shore, and on your plate weeks before imported lettuce finishes its journey to the island!

We’re popping up again. We received about half an inch of rain this weekend and grateful for it. Come out 5-5:30pm Wednesday 5/26/2021, we’ve got:

  • Sweet salad mix
  • Pineapples, ripe tender & sweet – nearing the end of this brief season!
  • Sweet papayas, all ripeness
  • Onions
  • Fresh picked herbs: Italian, Thai and lemon basils; garlic chives, lemongrass
  • Ginger
  • Red turmeric
  • Mango turmeric
  • Seasoning peppers – mild Trini or mild heat types
  • Zinnia flowers
  • Perhaps other surprises as they present themselves

No item reservations for the pop-up, just First Come First Served! But…(especially if you’re planning to come) please respond to our online poll question below so we have a rough headcount of how many customers to expect.

Please do continue to social distance and wear a mask, bring cash or a check, and Thanks!! We appreciate you so much!! See you Wednesday 5pm!

2 thoughts on “ARTfarm Greens/Pines Pop-Up Wednesday After Work!

    1. Afraid you missed us, Emma. We are not open on a regular schedule and this post was for last week. If you’d like to find out when will be open to the public again, please subscribe to our email list (or check our website) for updates. You can sign up for emails on our website. We will resume regular hours in the fall.

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