We’re Staying Home at ARTfarm.

Farmer Luca at our Socially Distanced Farmshare Distribution. Homemade cloth mask by Rose Boyan!
Farmer Luca at our Socially Distanced Farmshare Distribution. Homemade cloth mask by Rose Boyan!

The US Virgin Islands territorial government will be lifting its Stay-at-Home order on Monday, May 4th. Territorial Epidemiologist Dr. Esther Ellis said on Wednesday, April 29th, that the territory is likely only at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. We have at-risk family members, but anyone can succumb to this, and numbers are rising in the territory.

We are informing our customers, family and friends that ARTfarm’s retail operations will continue to remain closed to the public until the coronavirus pandemic is controlled. Isolation measures are still in force for our house and family and business: SOCIAL, PHYSICAL, VOLUNTARY AND RESPONSIBLE stay-at-home isolation, extra sanitation of hands and surfaces, wearing of masks while working around people and food (or running essential errands), and practicing proactive health measures.

We will continue to distribute pre-reserved socially distanced farm shares at staggered pickup times as long as we have produce available and feel it is safe to do so.

So please continue to show us how great you look in your mask, know that we miss your smile, and be patient with this adventure we are all on together. Because we care… ❤️ STAY HOME!  (and please repost! Thank you to Yvette Browne and Beverly Joseph for starting this campaign.)

4 thoughts on “We’re Staying Home at ARTfarm.

  1. Thank you, Luca and family for continuing to be responsible, respectful and maintaining leadership in our community! I greatly appreciate your safe practices.

  2. Thank you, ARTfarm for being one of the first to use social distancing and masks. If EVERYONE had been wearing face coverings would there be 62,000+ Dead? Bill Gates said “…War…not Missiles but Microbes.” Our armor is small pieces of fiber, soap, sanitizer and space separating us. Gird up, Warriors!

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