Pop-up Monday Farmstand 3-4:30pm

Everybody goes crazy for our hypersweet orangey-yellow cherry tomatoes. Usually mixed in with some rich plum tomatoes, some mellow purple black cherries, and a few little red ones.

Every now and again we have a burst of production that needs to find a home. Right now our tomatoes are ripening faster than anticipated, so despite our farmstand sales, liberal use of tomatoes in every dish, pizza eating every night and canning of tomatoes, we still have more than enough for an extra farmstand!

Monday 3-4:30pm at ARTfarm: lots of tomatoes all types including heirlooms, slicers, plums and those sweet little orangey-yellow cherry tomatoes, fresh harvested lettuce heads, butternut squash, baby ginger. Early birds will also find sweet salad mix, watermelon, Italian basil, I-Sha’s vegan ice cream, fewer crowds than usual, and perhaps a wisecrack from Farmer Luca.

This Monday afternoon stand will probably recur for a couple of weeks as we continue to experience this temporary bump in production.

As we have done for the last 18 years, everything that we grow is using or exceeding USDA organic production standards. We are not certified (too expensive and time-consuming) but our food is as sustainably grown as we know how to do, and we are always striving for new techniques and varieties that further reduce our footprint.

Thanks! We appreciate your support.

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