Eat More Tomatoes! Saturday 10am

Farmer Bob harvesting beautiful baby ginger

ARTfarm Saturday tomato extravaganza continues! We are currently testing tomato pie recipes, will share the winner with you soon!

Don’t ask us for current pictures of our family members, but we always have plenty of photos of vegetables that look like people. Aren’t these guys adorable?

10am: Lots of heirloom, slicer and cherry tomatoes, lots of sweet salad mix, teen arugula, teen spicy salad mix, early bird cucumbers, watermelons in yellow, red and pink, Kiku melons, loads of fresh figs, lots of cooking greens in a multitude of colors, shapes, sizes, flavors and textures that are all very delicious and healthy for you, dandelion greens, butternut and Thai pumpkin, assorted seasoning peppers, assorted spicy peppers, Italian basil, Thai basil, lemon basil, cilantro, dill, a few bunches of onions, small radishes and large radishes, garlic chives, a few bunches of baby carrots, lots of baby ginger, and zinnia flowers!

For those of you who cherish your early-morning beauty sleep on Saturdays, Farmer Luca says that we will not run out of tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, ginger, sweet salad mix or Italian basil. Seriously, you can roll up towards the end and there will still be plenty, so come late you well rested ones, and show off your dewy skin and youthful visages.

2 thoughts on “Eat More Tomatoes! Saturday 10am

  1. Duke’s Mayonnaise is available at Plaza Extra East for tomato sandwiches. Vivian Howard of A Chef’s Life show claims this is essential. They have a small squirt sack — tried it — different but Hellman’s is good too. Love the Heirlooms.

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