Wednesday Tomato Party 3-4:30pm

Share the love! ARTfarm fresh heirloom tomatoes in creative and expressive shapes and sizes!

Wednesday farmstand – Break out your salsa recipes, your tomato bisque recipes, pico di gallo, tomato sandwiches, red gazpacho, Manhattan clam chowdah, fried green tomatoes, Grandma’s marinara sauce, tomato salad, tomato sorbet, and Lady Gaga style tomato fashion accessories. It’s that time of the year!

From 3-4:30pm we have for you: Amazing amounts of tomatoes all types — including lots of beautiful heirlooms, slicers, black plums and cherry tomatoes and a few green ones because Lisa asked. We’ve also got loads of sweet salad mix, some teen arugula and teen spicy salad mix, lots of fresh Mediterranean figs, some cucumbers, watermelons in yellow and pink, baby ginger, lettuce heads, cooking greens, Italian basil, lemon basil, garlic chives, cilantro, dill, various spicy peppers, some deliciously pungent not-hot seasoning peppers (the first for the season), butternut squashes small and large, Thai pumpkin, and zinnia flowers.

Speaking of sweet delicious plump red juicy fruits, Surinam cherry young trees for sale. Come after the first half hour, we will definitely have tomatoes and salad mix all the way until 4:30pm!

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