Farm Goodies, Cool Breeze and SEA Free Trees

We are always experimenting with new watermelon varieties. This one is super sweet! Tell them apart by their outer rind patterns.
Farmer Luca likes to cuddle the baby carrots. Aren’t they sweet?
Luckily, the carrots seem to stay pretty sweet even when they get a little bigger. Yum! And you can juice the green leafy tops if you get inspired to put more greens in your diet!

ARTfarm Saturday 10am — 12 noon down the South Shore:

The St. Croix Environmental Association will be on hand to distribute free native shade and drought resistant trees! Two per family, first come first served. Species include lignum vitae, divi-divi, pink poui, desert cassia, and a few calabash.

The farmstand will have: loads of tomatoes of all types (beautiful heirlooms and large and small slicers plus cherry tomato pints), lots of sweet salad mix, lots of teen arugula and teen spicy salad mix (we ran out of arugula and spicy salad mix on Wednesday, but Farmer Luca says we will not run out of it Saturday because we harvested a lot), lettuce heads, cucumbers, baby carrots, large radishes, sweet bell peppers, Serrano peppers, Indian and Thai chili peppers, watermelons, fresh Mediterranean figs, a few musk melons, Japanese melons, lots of beautiful butternut squashes, lots of Thai pumpkin, baby ginger, an assortment of fresh picked cooking greens, dandelion greens, bok choy, plus fresh herbs: Italian basil, cilantro, dill, a few bunches of parsley, lemon basil, Thai basil, and zinnias. Goat cheese should return next week.

The St. George Village Botanical Garden is also having a plant sale tomorrow for rare plants.

Planting a tree is a simple and easy way to:

  • Recover natural habitats & wildlife pollinators
  • Reduce floods, soil erosion and water runoff
  • Increase aesthetic views and property values
  • Improve the quality of air in our environment
  • Keep St. Croix beautiful with trees and shade

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