Fruity Fruity Mango Saturday 10am – 12 noon

This morning 10am – 12 noon at the ARTfarm we have fruits galore. Pineapples, tubs upon tubs of papaya, tons of dragonfruit of many varieties (light pink, pink, dark red, and purple fleshed), and mangoes in assorted varieties: 

  • Haitian Kidney – one of the “newer” favorites with light yellow flesh, exceptional sweetness and some fibers
  • Carrie – a rare variety so delicate that it’s never in stores but is outrageous in flavor and lack of fiber
  • Julie – one of the old time varieties that is still a favorite for many, has a creamy texture and dangerous levels of sweetness, best eaten before fully ripe (a small size and some fibers are its weaker traits)
  • Viequen Butterball mangoes from Tita – these are large, perfectly fiberless, with a ridiculously sweet but buttery rich flavor. May be genetically related to Errol Chichester’s favorite Clinty Lang mango, but only DNA testing can tell us for sure.
  • If you’ve never tried the sweet creaminess of Bethany’s fresh local goat cheese paired with local mango, you have not truly lived. Fresh goat cheese medallions available today!

We’ve also got passionfruit, Mediterranean figs, loads of sweet potatoes in all sizes, garlic chives, lemongrass, recao, mint, Italian basil, a few bunches of arugula, very few seasoning peppers. 

For the gardener in you, we’ve got all sorts of native trees available and lots of pineapple slips (our slips from the bottom of the plant will generally fruit six months to a year or more faster than planting the tops). 
We’ll see you later this morning!

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