ARTfarm in Drag: Wednesday 3–6 pm

Dragonfruit: eat cactus fruit and be beautiful.
South Shore Rd. tomorrow, 3–6 p.m.: Sweet potatoes, sweet summer papaya, ARTfarm mangoes, refreshing and healing draaaaaagonfruit, onions, chives, recao, pumpkin, basil. Keeping it simple folks! July is right around the corner!

Viequen Butterball mangoes from Tita for Saturday!! If you haven’t had those before, they are incredibly rich and buttery and delicious, and they are so tender and fiberless you can eat them with a spoon like a papaya. Unbelievable! and with Bethany’s goat cheese, you will just freak out and your mouth will do cartwheels.

Love, ARTfarm

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