Saturday ARTfarm Harvest: Salad Greens + Pineapple! 10am – 12 noon

Sweet salad mix, baby arugula, baby spicy salad mix, mature spicy salad mix, arugula, sweet potatoes, huge beautiful pumpkin, garlic chives, Italian basil, Thai basil, a few figs, loads of papaya, lots of pineapple, and beautiful zinnia flowers. 

From our partners: butterball mangoes and avocados from Tita; Nam doc Mai mangoes from Tropical Exotics and from Fiddlewood Farm we have fresh local goat cheese!

From a neighbors farm we will have fresh eggs, eggplants and dandelion greens. 

Lots of beneficial insects on the farm, sometimes you see them together: 

Garden spider eating honeybee on a dragonfruit bloom.

Sometimes in even larger gatherings: 

Integrated pest management, clockwise from top left: Lahdalord, Ladybug, Spider, Earthworm, James, Grasshopper, Centipede. See them onstage August 5, 6, and 7th at the Savage Theater 8pm! Not pictured: Giant peach.

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