Night Moves = Dragonfruit! Sat 10AM – 12 noon

Farmer Luca was up in the family treehouse last night, hand pollinating dragonfruit flowers. There were well over 30 blooms on this particular vine. These huge, beautiful night blooming flowers will transform into fruits and be ripe and ready in several weeks. 

Freshly harvested at ARTfarm for you for Saturday morning: Baby arugula, teen spicy salad mix, arugula, spicy salad mix, sweet salad mix, loads of beautiful red sweet potatoes, pumpkin, garlic chives, Thai basil, Italian basil, recao (aka culantro), rosemary, small bell peppers, a few hot chili peppers, sweet papaya, pineapple, hot pink ripe dragonfruit, and a few passionfruit and zinnia flowers.

And from our partners of agriculture we have fresh mild goat cheese from Dr. Bradford’s Fiddlewood Farms in the rainforest, and Viequen Butterball mangoes of epic size, flavor and creaminess from Super Tita! Our neighbor will have jalapeño and padrone peppers, a few eggplants, dandelion greens and fresh eggs. 

If you haven’t yet tasted a crazy looking magenta dragonfruit, freshly harvested and sweet, definitely come treat yourself to a few at the farmstand!

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