Hooray for Summer Rain!

The Cinderella pumpkin has a thick dry flesh that is very sweet with few seeds.
Red skinned sweet potatoes are orange inside. We love eating pumpkin, sweet potato and sweet peppers chopped and sautéed with yellow seasoning peppers and cumin over rice. Delicious and highly nutritious!
Hopefully this nice thunderstorm and overnight rain will help the lettuce rejuvenate; however, for the meantime, expect the typical reduced availability of salad greens at this time of year. 

Wednesday ARTfarm, 3–6pm: sweet bell peppers, seasoning peppers, serrano peppers, garlic chives, lemongrass, Italian basil, loads of papaya, a few passionfruit, a few bags of Mediterranean figs, good quantities of pineapple, a few watermelons (pieces and whole), pumpkin that just keeps getting sweeter, freshly harvested zinnia flowers, and from our partners we have Fiddlewood Farm fresh goat cheese and Tropical Exotics’ nam doc mai mangoes.

Congratulations to all the recent graduates and hard-working students heading into a well-deserved summer of play, beach time and leisure reading. Life is good! And our thanks for making it all possible, to our veterans and service members.

See you this afternoon down the South Shore, 3 to 6 PM! Thank you for your support.

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