Saturday Stock Up! 10am – 12 noon

Chef Digby Stridiron is excited for the impending opening of his new restaurant, balter! We are big fans of his enthusiasm for all things locally grown and made.
Chef Digby proudly displays ARTfarm’s seasoning peppers that he has sliced thin and pickled.
Farmer Luca is learning the secrets of growing beautiful sweet potatoes. Here he is with the latest harvest of these bright purple and orange tubers.

Sometimes the strange juxtaposition of giant mystical ginger root ball and Southeast Asian dragon carving needs no caption.

We got a sneak peek inside the new restaurant balter in Christiansted this week and it is a work of art in itself, and filled with the work of local artists and artisans.

Congratulations on the opening of this amazing creative space!

Come by the stand on Saturday morning and stock up on your favorites: Sweet mix, baby spicy, baby arugula, loads of all types of tomatoes (come towards the end of the farmstand and get a few extra for free), green, red, yellow and orange bell peppers, all three of our small hot/seasoning peppers, ginger root, sweet potato, pumpkin, recao, all four types of basil we grow, carrots, kale, lettuce heads, radishes, onions, garlic chives, parsley, and papaya and passionfruit. 

From our local partners we have I-Sha’s vegan ice cream and Fiddlewood Farm local goat cheese. We urge our customers to stock up on goat cheese this week, as there will not be any available next week. (According to numerous sources in cookbooks and on the Internet, fresh soft goat cheese can easily be frozen, and will not lose any of its taste, texture or moisture content so long as it is wrapped well before freezing and thawed slowly in the refrigerator for approximately 24 hours.)

Be sure to check out ARTfarm produce regularly sourced and reinterpreted by the following chefs’ kitchens: 

  • Duggan’s Reef
  • Zion Modern Kitchen
  • Café Christine
  • Bon Bagay Sunset Sail
  • Savant
  • Galangal
  • The Cultured Pelican
  • Un Amore
  • Umami Catering
  • Kendrick’s at the Buccaneer
  • Rum Runners
  • Café Fresco
  • balter (any minute!)

The widest selection of items and very freshest harvest is exclusively reserved for our farmstand customers. If you are unable to join us during our limited farmstand hours, you may also find a limited quantity and selection of ARTfarm staples like tomatoes and lettuce heads several times a year when we have a bumper crop, at the following retail outlets: 

  • Sejah Farm
  • Seaside Market (formerly Schooner Bay Market)
  • Quality Foods
  • Plaza West

We received a humongous amount of rain over the last 48 hours and we feel very blessed, both for this pleasant turn of the weather and for the ongoing support of so many customers, chefs and well wishers. Thank you!

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