ARTfarm Wednesday 3-6pm – Tomateriffic – and the Lorax!

Luca took the leftover trimmings from our pruned trees and created another Hugel bed. This is a great permaculture method to sequester carbon, passively store rainwater, build a healthy microbe population, right underneath a growing area.
This is a great time of year to prune and trim up trees before the growth spurt of spring rains or the potentially devastating drought and fire conditions of summer. Weak or poorly formed trees can be a serious and costly hazard during storm season. Instead of waiting until right before hurricane season, we called the artistic and intuitive arborist William “Cheech” Thomas recently and had him trim various large trees on the farm for us. He​ has a deep understanding of tree anatomy, he’s fast, has every piece of equipment needed to get the job done quickly, and is perhaps about the closest personification to Dr. Seuss’s Lorax that you may come across in this lifetime. You can reach Cheech at (340) 513-4109. 

Today’s harvest:
Sweet salad mix, baby arugula, teen arugula, spicy salad mix, loads of all types of tomatoes, mostly green with a few orange bell peppers, freshly pulled onions with big green tops, all three of our smaller peppers (Thai chilies, Trini perfumes, and serranos), garlic chives, Italian basil, Thai basil, holy basil, lemon basil, green coriander, recao, pumpkin, parsley, passionfruit, papaya, lemongrass, lettuce heads, and cut flowers! 

From our local farmer partners we have: handcrafted Fiddlewood Farm fresh goat cheese from Dr. Bethany’s west-end Alpine does, and vegan ice cream in local fruit flavors from I-Sha, all homemade dairy free using local fresh coconuts. Shalima and Feel-I are health-conscious people who make ice cream the way we farm: they don’t put anything in there that they wouldn’t want to feed to their own family. 

Some beautiful late-season heirloom and slicer tomatoes from ARTfarm on St. Croix.

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