Salad Days at ARTfarm 3-6 pm OPEN Today

It’s a tower of power here at ARTfarm this morning. Luca harvested over 150 heads of lettuce early this morning (In addition to vast piles of fresh herbs, greens and root vegetables) and they are rapidly being converted into delicious salad mix for you! In addition to our sweet salad mix, baby and teen spicy salad mixes, baby and teen arugula, microgreens, and heads of Romaine lettuce, we have early bird CHERRY TOMATOES!! We also have fresh cucumbers, sweet potato greens, beets, radishes, the three basils, mint, dill, recao, garlic chives, bananas, and fresh picked zinnia flowers. From our partners we have I-Sha’s vegan coconut-and-fruit ice creams, and avocadoes and sugar apples from Aberra Bulbulla.

We are open 3–6 p.m. this afternoon, so head down to the South Shore and power up with healthy veggies!!


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