ARTfarm Mango Madness! Open 10am-12!

Happy Saturday! Keep your home well stocked with healthy choices to keep your body healthy over the holidays!IMG_6982.JPG

ARTfarm veggies and fruits available today: Sweet salad mix, spicy salad mix, microgreens, baby arugula, baby spicy salad mix, cucumbers, radishes, lettuce heads, garlic chives, recao, lemongrass, mint, tender spicy young ginger, and fresh cut zinnia flowers. We’ll have limited amounts of the very first cilantro, cherry tomatoes, and kale.

From our partners: we have ripe and fragrant Malika mangoes (free samples this morning) and the last of the incredibly smooth Namdoc Mai mangoes from Tropical Exotics, and vegan coconut-based local fruit ice cream from I-Sha.

Ryan and Kim will be here with beautiful fresh fish filets for sale!!

Come out and deck your refrigerator with the healthiest, vitamin-laden goods!

2 thoughts on “ARTfarm Mango Madness! Open 10am-12!

    1. Hey there Gail! Click here to check out this page of our website for directions and hours of operation! Be sure to pick up a free copy of either “St. Croix This Week” magazine or the “St. Croix Pocket Map” if you need directions from a specific place. We’re listed on both maps. If you get truly lost, call us and we’ll try to help you get to us!

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