ARTfarm Farewell To Tomatoes! Saturday 10am – 12 Today

Sweet mix, microgreens, teen (young & tender) spicy mix, kan-kong water spinach, the last of this crop of corn (more will be available in a few weeks), lots of cucumbers, bodhi beans, dandelion greens, black sapote (a.k.a. chocolate pudding fruit), pineapple, julie mangoes, lemongrass, The Basils, garlic chives, recao, zinnia flowers, pineapple slips for sale, breads by Tess, Thai mangos from Alex, icecream from I-Sha and honey from Wright Apiary.

There are two (count them) TWO slicer tomatoes today. It is the end of tomato season. A handful of cherry tomatoes, as well. If you happen to miss them, there’ll be a lot of mangoes, and they are also delicious sliced into your salad with some fresh cucumbers. We open at 10 AM. First-come, first-served.


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