Wet Wednesday, 3-6pm @ ARTfarm

For this soggy afternoon we have microgreens, teen spicy greens, baby arugula and sweet mix. We have garlic chives, Italian basil, Thai basil, holy basil, recao, lemongrass and sage. Sweet corn, bodhi beans, cucumbers, and a few cherry tomatoes.

Summer fruit is increasing! Thai mangoes, haitian kidney mangoes, papayas and black sapote today. Local honey by Wanda, artisanal freshly baked bread by Tess, and icecream by I-Sha! Come down the South Shore this afternoon and see us, and please drive carefully. There are a lot of big puddles out there!


One thought on “Wet Wednesday, 3-6pm @ ARTfarm

  1. Greetings,,,could you send me a list of what you will be having tomorrow. Thank you

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