ARTfarmstand open Saturday

ARTfarm is open today, Saturday, from 10 AM till 12 noon.

Summer mangoes! We’ve got scrumptious Nam Duc Mai mangoes to make your mouth water and turn your best white shirt into a parade of orange. We recommend eating them at the beach, in the water.

Sweet mix, microgreens, teen spicy salad mix, garlic chives, the basils (if we ever start an ARTfarm rock band, that’s going to have to be our band name) lemongrass, recao, rosemary, sage, sweet corn, cucumbers, wild baby gherkins, Bodhi beans, bananas, pineapple, black sapote, Thai mangoes from Alex, vegan local fruit ice cream from I-Sha, bread and bagels from Tess, honey from Wanda!


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