Happy Mother’s Day from ARTfarm!

FREE FOR MOMS! One organically grown beautiful crisp green head of lettuce for each mother on Saturday while supplies last!


We’ve got figs, salad mixes, tomatoes, onions, garlic chives, dill, four kinds of basil, broccoli greens, dandelion greens, lettuce heads, arugula bunches, thyme, sage, garlic chives, parsley, cilantro, recao, lemongrass, beets, radishes, limited amounts of cucumbers, cherry tomatoes. We have cheerful zinnia flowers in a rainbow of colors. We also sell honey from Wanda, Mama’s vegan ice cream, and bread and bagels from Tess.

Happy Mother’s Day! A special thank you to all the moms that make life sweeter and easier for all of us.
Love from ARTfarm

Non-smoking volunteers interested in organic farming are welcome. Call for more info. 340-514-4873

We are open from 10am till 12 noon Saturdays, and 3-6pm Wednesdays (this Monday the 13th will be our last Monday farmstand for this season). ARTfarm is located on the South Shore Road between the Boy Scout camp and Ha’penny beach. Come visit the ARTfarm and see what we have this time of year!!

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