Nature’s Answer to the Juicebox at ARTfarm, 10am-noon Today!

We have amazingly sweet coconuts you drink right out of the nut! If you haven’t had fresh coconut juice right out of the husk, you haven’t tried what man has attempted to recreate in plastic pseudo-nutrition with Gatorade and juice boxes.

Fresh coconut juice is locally known as a kidney cleanser. It’s full of trace minerals and potassium. In wartime when plasma was not available, fresh coconut water was used in IV drips to hydrate patients in hospital.

We can cut your coconuts at the farmstand for you to drink immediately, or almost open – take a few home and stick them in the fridge. We keep a whole pitcher full of coconut water in our fridge. There is nothing better for rehydration.

For your veggie pleasure we have fresh harvested arugula, baby spicy mix, microgreens, asian spinach, garlic chives, basil, lemongrass, mangoes, avocados, Feel I’s ice cream and Sweetface chocolate!

For your yard we have native trees!

See you at the farmstand!

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