ARTfarm Farmstand open today! Shortened Wednesday hours, 4:30-5:30pm.

We are starting new shorter hours on Wednesday afternoons, as the summer approaches and we have a limited supply of greens on hand. Today’s farmstand features microgreens, mangoes, garlic chives, basil, kangkong (spinach), chocolates and honey!

Why no salad mix? The rain over the last month has destroyed the last few lettuce beds and the last of our tomato plants, so the sweet and spicy mixes we make with larger lettuces, and the tomatoes, will be but a fond memory until a few months from now. ‘Tis the season for mangoes, treating yourself to our tender baby and micro greens, and discovering the joys of hummus made with a delicious bunch of garlic chives blended in. Cool, refreshing summer treats! Feel I’s delicious ice cream will soon also return to the stand, we’ve been promised Beet Ginger for Saturday!

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