ARTfarm-to-Table Dinner with T. Shelley

A hip, tattooed chef prepares a six course meal in an open-air farmstand at ARTfarm.
Chef Thomas Shelley chops fresh veggies from the gardens around him while Nadine Donath plates up the first course.

The ‘Farm-to-Table’ concept was first popularized in the US in the 1990s in restaurants in Northern California, in a movement led by celebrity Chef Alice Waters among others. The idea, now embraced by many chefs, is to create a seasonal menu and cuisine that is based on foods that are fresh and currently available from local fields of local farms. Followers of this type of cuisine are often called ‘locavores’. Our ARTfarm-to-Table dinners bring the chefs and guests right onto the farm, featuring ingredients grown within 600 yards of the spot where you’re sitting down to enjoy them. There is a wonderful energy in the experience of fine dining in the midst of a pineapple grove.

Saturday evening, May 28th 2011, ARTfarm hosted our first ARTfarm-to-Table dinner for nine guests. The ombitalented Chef/Artist/Musician/Gallery Owner Thomas Shelley prepared a six course meal for the maiden voyage, assisted by artists Alisha Westerman and Nadine Donath.

A menu rests on a plate of a formally set table with flowers, vines and candles.
Yum! A six-course meal at ARTfarm made from ingredients grown in the gardens all around your table.
A formally set table for twelve, with flowers and candles, looks elegant under a barn roof overhang at ARTfarm, with pineapple groves in the background and a glimpse of the Caribbean Sea beyond.
ARTfarm-to-Table dinners can accommodate 24 or more guests.

Chef Thomas’ photos of the event are viewable on his Facebook page.

…and the menu…

Pineapple–Mango Salsa over Homemade Sage & Rosemary Flatbread
Local Lamb Sliders over Grilled Eggplant and Homemade Bruschetta topped with Caramelized Onions

Cold Cucumber and Dill Soup topped with Farm Fresh Tomatoes

Farm Salad with Roasted Carrots and Beets

Homemade Pumpkin Ravioli with Sauteed Chicory

Alisha’s Birthday Chocolate Truffle Cake with a Spicy Molasses Crust

The crowd was very happy!

Lemongrass (‘fevergrass’) bush tea over ice was a lovely refreshment for a hot night, and Chef Thomas generously included his white-hot Garlic and Tejaswani Indian Hot Pepper Oil on the table for those brave enough to try it.

Our next ARTfarm-to-Table Dinner will most likely take place in early fall 2011, as our gardens come out of the summer resting period and begin to produce again. Please let us know if you’d like to be on a guest list for upcoming farm dinners at ARTfarm!

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