Happy Solstice from ARTfarm… Tomatoes galore at the farmstand today!

For today’s farmstand at 3pm we have boatloads of tomatoes in holiday colors, a pineapple or two for a lucky early bird, and fresh greens to go with them! Herbs, salad mixes, cucumbers, flowers, all our amazing fresh stuff…

Two happy people at ARTfarm showing off the new reusable shopping bags in front of crates full of fresh lettuce heads.
Our old friend Edward White is back at ARTfarm for a few weeks, and we’ve got snazzy new ARTfarm reusable shopping bags for sale! Happy holidays!

In 2012 we are going to move away from the use of plastic grocery bags at our farmstand. For years we have had a revolving system where customers bring in their clean grocery bags and share them with each other for their shopping. We figure if our customers have a snazzy and convenient, strong and roomy reusable, washable shopping bag to use here at ARTfarm AND at the grocery store, none of us will feel justified in picking up all those bags at the grocery store, and we can end the plastic grocery bags’ carbon footprint and inevitable journey to the landfill.

To make it easy to switch, we have some stylish reusable shopping bags for sale at the farmstand today, with a great ARTfarm design on it — for less than the cost of a tee shirt.  They stuff down tiny to fit in your bag, and are lightweight with a little snap so you can even keep it on your keychain. Throw them in the laundry to wash. They’d make great holiday gifts and stocking stuffers – so cute!

Happy Solstice! And YES, we will be open Christmas Eve morning!!