ARTfarm 10am Mangoes! It’s November!

Shhhh… Soft re-opening of ARTfarm 10am this morning…in the lovely drizzling rains of November…

Small but very fresh quantities of: mint, chives, recao, thyme, radishes, zinnias, passionfruit, kafir limes, baby arugula, baby spicy salad mix, sweet potato greens and young cucumbers.

Fresh frozen cuts of grass-fed lamb, please ask…

From the grow-your-own department: cherry tomato plants, pineapple slips, rare native trees. From our partners: raw local dark honey from Errol and creamy, citrusy sweet late-season Malika and Nam Doc Mai mangoes from Tropical Exotics.

We are looking forward to seeing you! Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!





ARTfarm Saturday Soak, 10 AM – 12 noon!

It seems that the April showers (which bring May flowers) are right on schedule this year. The young pineapples are growing, the mango trees are abloom, and the bees are really really busy. The cool nighttime weather has given the lettuces a real boost!

Rain or shine, we are open 10 AM – 12 noon on Saturdays. On this particular soaking wet Saturday morning: Sweet salad mix, spicy salad mix, baby spicy salad mix, teen arugula, microgreens, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, slicer tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, Bodhi beans, carrots, onions, kale, collard greens, broccoli dreams, radicchio (tastes more like an escarole because of the tropical climate), cilantro, Italian basil, Thai basil, holy basil, lemon basil, thyme, mint, parsley, garlic chives, lemongrass, various chili peppers, passionfruit, fresh Mediterranean figs, and fresh ginger root! Cook up something healthy and delicious to support your vitality this weekend with local organically grown veggies!



ARTfarm Monday: All Wet!! 3-6pm Today

“What’s interesting today,” says Farmer Luca, “is that we have baby spicy.”

Also of interest is that it’s been sprinkling. Things are positively moist around here.

Sweet mix, spicy mix, arugula, micro, italian, thai basil, garlic chives, dill, heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, irregular tomatoes, cucumbers, Chinese cabbage, broccoli leaves, radishes, Feel-I’s vegan ice cream, Wanda’s local Southgate honey, Mediterranean figs to drive you absolutely mad with fruity passion, and for the DIY-ers, various plants seedlings for sale.

As for the ‘art’ in ARTfarm, don’t miss recording artist and hard-workin’ ARTfarm Farmer Greg Botsford, performing fantastic originals and creative covers in an acoustic/vocal performance this Friday at 8:30 PM with percussionist Dale Largent at the Comanche!


ARTfarm Saturday! 10-12noon, Extra Flavor Plus Plants!

Happy Saturday! Open 10am – 12noon this morning! ARTfarm is still pumping out some fresh sweet juicy produce despite the severe drought conditions on the South Shore, so our food has extra intensity of flavor! Microgreens, arugula, sweet and spicy salad mixes, Swiss chard, broccoli leaves, kale, Chinese cabbage, beets, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, yard long purple beans, bell peppers, fennel, dill, cilantro, parsley, basil, garlic chives, thyme, rosemary, limes, ice cream, flowers, fresh juicy Mediterranean figs.

Grey harvest tubs side by side hold green cucumbers and sweet onions with the green tops on.

Freshly harvested and rinsed morning onions and cucumbers, ready for bunching and heading up to the farmstand! Happy Saturday!

We are also selling assorted organically started herbs and plants! Get a pot and grow some of your own ARTfarm varieties at home!

Farmer Luca works between several tables full of colorful young plants in cell trays.

Luca moves trays of ARTfarm seedlings. We have some varieties for sale right now! We don’t usually sell plant stock, but we are conserving water at the moment so you can take advantage and purchase some organically started plants for your own garden!

Winter Rain Lettuces & Breakfast Radishes at ARTfarm today

Taste the winter rain: Romaine – like lettuce fresh picked this morning, and tender oak leaf lettuces, available by the head. Also this morning 10am – 12noon at ARTfarm: Tiny pink French breakfast radishes with the sweetest greens you ever ate, white carrots, beets, onions, microgreens, sweet salad mix, spicy mix, teen arugula, teen spicy mix, escarole, dandelion and mustard greens, Italian basil, holy (Tulsi) basil, lemon basil, Korean mint, lemon balm, garlic chives, cilantro, dill, sage, scallions, cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, sweet bell peppers, honey, zinnia flowers, edible flowers.


Get Pickled for the Holiday Weekend! ARTfarm open today, 3-6pm!

A jar of freshly pickled cucumbers sitting on a fence post gleams in the late day sun, with colorful zinnias, green garden beds and the ARTfarm seedling house and farmstand in the background.

Deb’s ARTfarm pickles! You can make your own pickles this holiday season. It’s fun and easy to do. Makes a thrifty, fun, and appreciated homemade gift!

ARTfarmstand 3-6pm today! We have five different kinds of amazing, sweet crunchy cucumbers, including Asian cukes and a thin-skinned English variety. Pickling is easy, quick and makes a gorgeous gift. This lovely jar was pickled by our super volunteer Deb Mattera, and to get the recipe you’ll have to come to the farmstand and chat her up!

Also available today: microgreens, sweet mix, spicy mix, arugula, escarole, lettuce heads, dandelion greens, radishes, four flavors of basil, zinnia flowers, garlic chives, lemongrass, sage, thyme, cilantro, dill, rosemary, honey and late season mangoes. Give thanks! It rained!!

ARTfarm Happy Monday – Ice Cream is Back!

Tiny green orbs pop out of pink spires of mango tree blooms. Soon they will become large, heavy mango fruits.

Tiny green orbs pop out of pink spires of mango tree blooms, at ARTfarm on St. Croix's South Shore. In a few months they will grow to become large, sweet, heavy mango fruits.

Have you noticed it getting drier, windier and hotter this month? Normally things would dry up in January or earlier, but we’ve been blessed with an extended rainy season this year. On the south shore of St. Croix, the air smells different. Pastures are starting to dry up quickly and the hills are changing from a vibrant green to some more muted shades that are shifting into gold and brown. We are watering our crops more often. As the tomatoes get more flavorful on the vine, the mango flowers are starting to set fruit for June.

All this dry heat means that it is time to treat ourselves to a delicious cold frosty Feel I ice cream!! YES! It’s back!! Today we have Feel I’s mango, guava, passionfruit, and banana flavors, all made from local fruit and local coconut cream – no dairy. Get one of each!

We’ve got Sweetface chocolates, too, if you need darker decadance.

If you’re feeling more savory, we’ve got baby spicy salad mix, sweet mix, cherry and big tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin, scallions, garlic chives, sage, green coriander, Italian basil, sweet and hot peppers.

For a pop of color, go for a bunch of fresh cut zinnias, a sunflower or two, and a papaya!

See you this afternoon, 3-5:30pm.

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