ARTfarm Stand open this morning, lots of FRUITS!

ARTfarm on a cool and lovely Saturday morning features eight shades of green with a dash of orange: microgreens, teen arugula, asian water spinach, kale, basil, garlic chives, lemongrass, breadfruit, and the very last pumpkin of the season. We have fresh local eggs, too!

For sweet teeth today we’ve got lots of choices: pineapples, papaya, soursop, eggfruit, mangoes, Feel I’s ice cream in various flavors, local honey, and Sweetface chocolates.

We also have pineapple slips to grow-your-own pineapple, and a variety of species of native trees for sale!

Come out to the farmstand and lounge in the shade with us!

A wide angle shot from low shows the spiny leaves of pineapple plants against a blue Caribbean sky.
What a pineapple sees: view from the pineapple patch. Photo (c)2011 Ginger Lobb

ARTfarm Farmstand open today! Independently grown produce!

For your holiday gathering this weekend, we’ve got burger fixins and more – microgreens, baby and teen arugula, spicy mix and sweet too, various basils, chives, lemongrass, mangoes, pineapples, breadfruit, fresh local eggs and honey.

Show your independence from imported foods! We’re open this morning, 10am – 12 noon. We’d love to see you!

A harvest bin full of ARTfarm pineapples of different sizes, textures and colors
Different varieties of fresh pineapples harvested this morning at ARTfarm for today's farmstand.

ARTfarm Saturday stand today! Microgreeeeeeeens

Luca Gasperi and Eric Ogden in 2008 with our red pickup truck holding the "Grow Your Own Pineapples" sign, on our way to Mango Melee!
Luca Gasperi and Eric Ogden in 2008 with our red pickup truck holding the "Grow Your Own Pineapples" sign, on our way to Mango Melee!

Happy shiny Saturday! Today’s farmstand features tender microgreens, baby mix with lettuce, mangoes, scallions, garlic chives, Italian and lemon basil, lemongrass, kangkong (asian water spinach), Sweetface chocolates, coconut-based ice creams, and honey!

Amazingly, Luca was able to find one more row of lettuces that survived all the rains and so there will be lettuce in the baby mix today! This may truly be the last cut lettuce of the season.

We’ll see you all at our booth #7 at the Mango Melee tomorrow at the St. George Village Botanical Gardens! We’ll be there with farmer Aberra Bulbulla, selling mangoes, pineapple slips (baby plants),  jackfruit, breadfruit, young fruit trees and more.

Come out to this fantastic annual event that takes place at the height of mango season on St. Croix, and taste all kinds of fruits, join the mango eating contest, and shop the many vendors: jams and jellies, tasty local foods, local fruit ice cream, jewelry and fashion, gifts, and fantastic plants and fruit trees for sale! Twelve noon to 6:30pm, get there early as the parking lots fill up quick!

Thanks for your support. We really appreciate our customers.

New t-shirts… eventually.

We got a bunch of lino-block printing materials and tools to make new t-shirts for the farm. We haven’t had farm t-shirts since Southgate and it is time to bring sexy back!

Here’s the latest sketch that wound up as our ad for St. Croix This Week magazine, anybody want this on a shirt?

ARTfarm by moonlight with a pineapple.