ARTfarm Farmstand open today! Independently grown produce!

For your holiday gathering this weekend, we’ve got burger fixins and more – microgreens, baby and teen arugula, spicy mix and sweet too, various basils, chives, lemongrass, mangoes, pineapples, breadfruit, fresh local eggs and honey.

Show your independence from imported foods! We’re open this morning, 10am – 12 noon. We’d love to see you!

A harvest bin full of ARTfarm pineapples of different sizes, textures and colors
Different varieties of fresh pineapples harvested this morning at ARTfarm for today's farmstand.

ARTfarm Farmstand open 4:30-5:30pm today! Sweet mix and eggfruit!

Today’s stand will have SWEET SALAD MIX! Microgreens, spinach cooking greens! Breadfruit, jackfruit, and eggfruit (see photo)! Delicious sweet MANGOES, and herbs including basil, chives, and lemongrass. Come out and see us on your way home, 4:30 to 5:30 this afternoon! Also Feel I’s ice cream in mango, banana, beet-ginger, soursop and locust flavors.

A large eggfruit, about eight inches in diameter, is the rich orangey-yellow color of a schoolbus.
A large eggfruit, ripe and ready for your smoothie, pie filling, salad, or snack!

We have native trees and pineapple slips available. Take advantage of the perfect planting weather!

ARTfarm Farmstand open 4:30-5:30pm today!

Today’s ARTfarmstand features baby spicy mix, microgreens, asian water spinach, scallions, basil, garlic chives, and MANGOOOOOES! Also Feel I’s ice cream, and Sweetface chocolates. Come out and see us! Luca is hosting today. He’s eager to answer your questions about pineapple plants. Really!

Tiny salad greens with delicate stems, piled up on a stainless steel counter.
Organically grown micro and baby salad greens at ARTfarm are a beautiful garnish on a perfect plate, and crazy delish as a salad!

Saturday ARTfarm produce – open 10am – 12noon

Saturday morning’s farmstand will include microgreens, pineapples, yummy garlic chives, cooling thai basil and lemongrass. We’ll have local honey, honey vinegar, luscious buttery mangoes, chocolates from Sweetface and Feel I’s coconut-based local fruit ice creams, including our family’s favorite flavor, hot pink Beet Ginger.

A Buff and a Toulouse goose wander in one of ARTfarm's fallow summer gardens, munching on basil and hot peppers.
A Buff and a Toulouse goose wander in one of ARTfarm's fallow summer gardens, munching on basil and hot peppers.

The recent rains have sent the farm into summer hibernation a few weeks early, and Farmer Luca and new employee Tucker are busy pulling out old plants and mulching down the gardens for a well deserved rest between growing seasons. The geese have been given free rein in the back garden and are happily eating weeds, grass, basil and pounds and pounds of hot peppers.