ARTfarm Stand open this morning, lots of FRUITS!

ARTfarm on a cool and lovely Saturday morning features eight shades of green with a dash of orange: microgreens, teen arugula, asian water spinach, kale, basil, garlic chives, lemongrass, breadfruit, and the very last pumpkin of the season. We have fresh local eggs, too!

For sweet teeth today we’ve got lots of choices: pineapples, papaya, soursop, eggfruit, mangoes, Feel I’s ice cream in various flavors, local honey, and Sweetface chocolates.

We also have pineapple slips to grow-your-own pineapple, and a variety of species of native trees for sale!

Come out to the farmstand and lounge in the shade with us!

A wide angle shot from low shows the spiny leaves of pineapple plants against a blue Caribbean sky.
What a pineapple sees: view from the pineapple patch. Photo (c)2011 Ginger Lobb

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