Be Back in a Few Weeks… Thank You!

Greetings from early April 2023! In case you missed this in the previous farm email:

Late afternoon in the ARTfarm gardens. Hills are drying up as spring approaches. The pineapple plants are reaching full growth.

Due to some rain shortages and staff shortages, we weren’t able to keep up the lettuce plantings over the last month. We’ll be taking a short break of an unspecified number of weeks to catch up on that and do a rain dance. Later this spring into summer we’ll start to have some tropical fruits like pineapples, in addition to salad greens. We’re also experimenting with some late season cherry tomatoes. Stay tuned, and thanks for your support!

Love, ARTfarm

One thought on “Be Back in a Few Weeks… Thank You!

  1. Hope you have an enjoyable and productive “time off”. Thanks for providing us with home grown fruits, vegetables and other delicious edibles.

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