ARTfarm Dragonfruit Pop-up 8/6/22 Saturday 11:30am!

Love to see you in the morning! Farmer Luca is a little lonely these days.

Make the switch from ice cream to the decadent treat of pitaya, or dragonfruit, in these hot months of the year. Pick some up Saturday August 6th 11:30 AM – 12 noon at ARTfarm. This is a short mini pop-up, so no reservations required although you can reserve eggs!

Dragonfruit for breakfast or dessert or an anytime healthy sweet snack! Hydrating, refreshing, full of calming minerals and shocking in color.

Come to ARTfarm to buy this amazing fruit Saturday 8/6/22 from 11:30am – 12noon.

We will have loads of pink and dark red fleshed dragonfruit $8/pound

It’s that pi-time of year – for pitaya!

Bunched sweet onions with green tops $5
Garlic chives $2
Mango turmeric $3
Turmeric $3
Lemongrass $2

Zinnias $5/bunch

Sweet potato greens $3/bunch

Pineapple slips $2-3 each as sized

A few last pineapples, and a few Nam doc mai mangoes will also be available.
Pastured local chicken eggs from ARTfarm’s littlest farmer, Mongoose & Zinnia, and/or farmer Nikki Schuster, $8/dozen. If you would like to reserve eggs, send a text to (340) 277 – 43 43.

Hop down to the South Shore and see Farmer Luca!

Use the green onion tops like scallions, fresh or cooked as a garnish or an herb, they are fantastic and crunchy and sweet. To keep the green tops fresh longer, keep your ARTfarm onions refrigerated, or cut the tops off and store them separately in a zip top bag in your fridge when you get them home.

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