No ARTfarm farmstand tomorrow, see you next week! Orchids at the Garden this weekend!

Just a gentle reminder to all of our wonderful customers, if you missed this detail in the last email, ARTfarm is not going to be open tomorrow (Saturday) and there is no sign-up posting for today, Friday, March 25, 2022.

Farmer Luca‘s mom has planted orchids on mini trees around the ARTfarm. This is a Dendrobium from Castle Nugent.

The St. Croix Orchid Society is displaying beautiful flowers and hosting a plant sale at the St. George Village Botanical Garden this weekend. Starts this afternoon, Friday, from 2 to 5pm and is open on Saturday and Sunday 9-3. Come and pick up some plants for your garden and appreciate the work of your fellow nature lovers!

Happy spring! Nature’s little incubator. Our entrepreneur chicken rancher farm kid has surreptitiously placed Heritage layer breed chicken eggs from our flock under this broody bush hen who wandered onto the farm and started a nest in a storage area. Another great way to save electricity! Hatching should happen in 4 days!

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