Pre-holiday Salad Greens Pop-Up 4:30 — 5:30pm Wednesday 11/24/2021

A merry illustration of three anthropomorphic mongooses at a dinner table engaged in cooking activities.
Mongooses Preparing a Pomegranate Cobbler at Home. Gouache and ink on paper, ©2021 Marina Gasperi.

For your holiday Gratitude Gathering we will have lots of sweet salad mix, hot and spicy pink radishes with edible green tops great eaten raw or cooked, garlic chives, turmeric, and pineapple slips for planting.

For early birds we’ll also have Italian basil, cooking greens, Thai basil, lemongrass, pomegranate fruits, and eggs from Mongoose&Zinnia.

First come first serve
Please wear a mask and keep social distancing
Bring change and smaller bills or a check

The image above is a painting from the current exhibition, “Small Life” showing at Café Christine Tues-Fri 10am-2:30pm. Please visit the Café in Christiansted over this holiday time and enjoy this ARTfarm production!

Love, ARTfarmers

2 thoughts on “Pre-holiday Salad Greens Pop-Up 4:30 — 5:30pm Wednesday 11/24/2021

  1. Wish I were at home to enjoy these delights! And I simply LOVE the mongoose cooking scene–especially appreciate the louvered window…

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