Two hot pink dragonfruits ripen on a green, succulent spiny vine during the dry season.

Late Summer Pop-Up – 11:30-12 noon Saturday

It’s dry as anything out here on South Shore, but we have a few crops that can still produce in these hottest months of the year. ARTfarm will be open tomorrow, 11:30 to 12 noon on Saturday 9/11/2021: Three types of sweet and refreshing dragonfruit (pitahaya), turmeric, garlic chives, lemongrass, and pineapple slips (baby plants to grow your own pineapples)! First come first served. Should be fairly quiet, many people are away and this is late notice!

Please protect our farm family and your fellow farm supporters, by wearing a mask over your nose and mouth, and maintaining 6-10 feet. Bring change, or a check and a pen, we’re not handling cash. Bring your own bag, basket or box for your purchase. We appreciate everyone cooperating for the most vulnerable in our community by continuing the marathon of practicing all social distancing and COVID precautions.

It is a sad anniversary, 9/11/2001 is now 20 years in the rearview mirror but we can look back and reflect on where we were that day (Christina was in Brooklyn and Luca was here on the farm), what it means to be an American, and how we can all do small things to take personal responsibility, and make our world a better, safer, more equitable, inclusive and peaceful place.

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