An animation shows a tiny farmer repeatedly bouncing high into the air from a wheelbarrow.

Biker Rich, call us

Sorry for the interruption everyone!

Thanks so much for your patience today, we are still working out the kinks as we try to expand to more customers using our pre-order distribution system. it is a challenge to make sure we harvest sufficient amounts of everything and coordinate carefully in the packing shed. There were a few mixups, and we ended up having to split up our team and continue to harvest during the distribution! Our apologies to anyone who was shorted on an item today. If we didn’t discuss it with you directly at the farmstand today, please let us know if something was missing from your order.

Rich (regular customer who usually blazes by on a road bike for a bag of salad greens in the old normal times), please give us a call ASAP, we don’t have your number.

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